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Westminster MD, Raccoon Control

Westminster MD Raccoon Control

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Trapping VS Exclusion

Trapping everyone’s first choice, this is because its what we are familiar with.

1. First, set a trap, then pick up the trap when the animal is in it. Sounds simple, its not.  Many animals must be destroyed when they are trapped. Killed for no reason other than the walked into a trappers’ trap. Its the law and it is enforced.

a. Now lets think about number 1. Setting a trap doesn’t guarantee you will catch an animal. You will still have to pay someone to set the trap.  Then, will the trap catch the target animal? Not always, then more money out of your pocket.

b. Lets say, trap set, animal caught, and entrance on hole closed up. Seems like common sense, well think if  you caught another animal (raccoon), and then  you had the entrance hole on your house closed. Now the same animal is locked inside of the building.

c. Many times, I get calls that the trapper or lately pest control service caught the animal and took it away, and now they hear animals still in the attic. This can fall under the above statement b, or the service took a lactating female away, Killed it, and now her babies are sure to die. Not to mention all the ceiling or walls that have to be cut open to retrieve the babies.  Had Enough Of Trapping Yet ?

2. Exclusion provides an solution to these animal nightmare situations.   Exclusion places a 1 way exit device on the animal entrance, allows the animal or animals to exit, then seals the entrance / exit. Preventive Sealing, Flawless Victory. 

a. No Killing an animal just because it went into a trap.

b. No Non Target Animal Charges.

c. Single Fee For Animal Removal, Not A Repeat Customer.

Chimney Raccoon & Raccoon Babies

We Control Critters Every Day. From Raccoons in basements to the attic. Raccoons  in your attic can and will chew wires to keep their teeth from growing into their faces. Holes in tour masonry will allow Raccoons  access to your house day and night. Bat Removal , Skunk Trapping, and Raccoon Babies  are services we serve everyday.

Raccoon Removal & Raccoon Trapping

Raccoon Babies are Here Raccoon removal & prevention is needed now.

Raccoons Are the most frequent intruders. They are using the sewers as highways around the city. Raccoons in the city are crafty creatures, the use attic fans and chimneys to access your house. these animals also refuse to pay rent. eviction and exclusion are the best way to deal with them. you can trap them every day, but another one moves in. Wasted money if you ask me.

Raccoon Rabies & Raccoons In The Attic

Raccoons can really damage an attic if  allowed to remain inside it. We Clean these types of contamination up daily. We use TYVEK suits, Respirators and HEPA vacuums {not SHOP VACS}when we are removing contaminated fecal matter. If You suspect you have an animal contaminated attic, contact us immediately. For more information on disease associated with animal droppings go to the Center for Disease Control web site

Raccoon Animal Control Trapping & Critter Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are powerful animals, if left alone this raccoon will tear the metal trap to pieces.  Raccoons frequentally tear your shingles and wood on your roof to gain access to your attic.

There are 30 sub species of raccoons, the variety in the florida keys weigh around 10 lbs while the north east variety weigh in at upwards of 25lbs. In the southern most regions raccoons can have 2 litters a year while the northern only have one litter a year with 2-6 per litter. in the winter months when the temperature goes below 32 degrees the raccoons will stay denned up and wait for it to warm up.

One of the most common places for the raccoon to find and use for their home are chimneys but they can dwell in attics, basements, wall voids and rubbish and debris around the yard. When you find yourself faced with an unwanted raccoon who has taken up residence in your home or yard, call someone who knows what to do, call a professional, call us.

At Animal Bat & Bird Extractors we specialize in removing Animals and wildlife from your attics and properties. We locate your animals entrance, get the offending critter out, then we seal the entrance. When we remove an animal from you house we GUARANTEE the animal will not be able to return to your house. 90% of our work is done through exclusion, this means closing of areas animals can enter.

Animal Exclusion is the best HUMANE way to get rid of animals Permanently. We are frequently excluding raccoons from chimneys and attics, we never use poison or killing style traps.