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Non-Toxic Rat Control Cleveland Park

Cleveland Park DC Poison Free Rat Removal & Control

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Removal Of The Rat,  Is a simple plan of attack

1.  locate runways

2.  locate entrances

3. seal with wire mesh, metal, or concrete all entrances, except main entrances

4. install one way exit device on main entrances

5. allow enough time for rats to exit

6. seal main entrance, and problem is solved, GUARANTEED

So why are rat problems so bad in Cleveland Park

new construction of old homes leaves many gaps and closed off plumbing vents. When your DC contractor moves a bathroom, he, she or they, leave the old plumbing in the walls. There isn’t going to be any water in it so they just leave it there, un-capped. Now rats navigate up from the city sewer into the uncapped piping until its in your walls. It then Grows until it can not exit. Rats are cannibals and forragers, they eat about anything and lick water from metal as it sweats from tempature change.

Exterior construction

Wonderful contractors in DC have been at work for hundreds of years, with addition after addition, layer after layer, these buildings are suffering. With homeowner and skilled contractor alike, working on these buildings is a nightmare. Findind holes that are small enough for rat babies, and then sealing them with metal, this is the challenging part. This is a must do. if heat can escape, rats can get in.

Why My Pest Control Professional Has Not Solved My Rat Problem

This is simple, their approach. they set traps…..they set poison…….they get paid each time……get the picture

If the made your house RAT PROOF they would only get paid once, and you would be happy. but now they have you tricked into believing you only can have trapping or poison to be happy. NOT TRUE

You won’t have an abundance of rodents without enough food, water and shelter.

Where there is an abundance of rodents you have an abundance of shelters and food provided. It will have a great impact on reducing the rodent populaion if you remove or reduce these factors.

  1. All openings greater than 1/4″ should be sealed to exclude mice, but it may be impossible to seal all openings.
  2. All openings greater than 1/2″ should be sealed to exclude rats.
  3. Likely access points for rodents are where utility lines come into walls, as well as openings around air conditioning, drain pipes and vents.
  4. Look for broken basement windows, warped doors, and unscreened vents as possible points of entry. All spaces beneath doors should be checked if the opening is too large and reduced if needed.
  5. Roofs shold be checked to see that shingles are donw tight and sheathing is complete. Also check roof ventilators, screen vents and luvered in wall vents.

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